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Keith Maddy Selected for Young Masters Art Prize

Keith Maddy has been selected for the renowned, innovative and high-profile Young Masters Art Prize, a biannual award in London, which recognizes how contemporary artists embrace the art of the past. The fifth edition of the Prize held in 2019 was the most international to date with 730 applications from 66 countries. The Exhibition features 20 fine artists and 15 ceramicists.  

The Young Masters Art Prize is a not-for-profit international art initiative, founded in 2009 by galleries Cynthia Corbett, owner of The Cynthia Corbett Gallery . This unique platform aims to highlight emerging artists of any gender, age, or nationality, working in any media. We strive to offer talented artists global visibility and support.

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Boston Public Radio – Jim Braude and Margery Eagan’s Friday News Quiz

Two Fenway Studios artists, Ed Stitt and Keith Maddy, had their wits tested on air while participating in the lively contest, “Friday News Quiz,” featured on the always informative and entertaining WGBH/BPR, “Jim Braude and Margery Eagan” radio show.

Ed Stitt and Keith Maddy on the Friday News Quiz
Fenway Studios Artists Keith Maddy (l) and Ed Stitt (r)

In between News Quiz questions, the artists proudly talk about the food drive they host (consecutively since 2009) during their annual Open Studios weekend celebration to benefit the vital work by the Greater Boston Food Bank. The artists welcome the public to this FREE community event so visitors can experience the artist’s creative work and living space housed within their 1905 National Historic Landmark.

Listen to see how Keith and Ed performed

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Fenway Connections at the Massachusetts Historical Society

In the Spring of 2019, Friends of Fenway Studios Founding President, Lynda McNally, initiated a conversation with the Massachusetts Historical Society (MHS) associates proposing a collaborative event with the Fenway Studios artists. Working closely with MHS President Catherine Allgor, Peter Drummey, Stephen T. Riley Librarian, Brenda M. Lawson, VP for Collections, Gavin W. Kleespies, Director of Programs, Exhibitions and Community Partnerships, and Sarah Bertulli, Public Programs Coordinator, McNally expressed the many commonalities the two landmark institutions shared. Immediately, a mutual interest blossomed, resulting in a collaborative exhibition which featured the work of present day Fenway Studios artists alongside rarely seen work from a variety of Fenway Studios founding artists belonging to the MHS’s private archival collection. This inaugural exhibition titled, “Fenway Connections: An exhibition by MHS and Fenway Studios” held its opening reception on October 3rd, 2019 at the magnificent MHS locale. During the spirited evening, Fenway Studios artists and the MHS associates enthusiastically welcomed guests to the exhibition. The collaboration was more than a century in the making, and all the pieces aesthetically dovetailed in the most visually appealing way, proving the work was always meant to appear together.

In additional to the treasured friendship that formed between Fenway Studios and the MHS throughout the collaborative preparation, the MHS would extend an opportunity to house Fenway Studios’ archival materials. This tremendous gesture by the MHS will ensure the preservation of the documented history of Fenway Studios; and it is with endless appreciation to the MHS for their generosity that Fenway Studios will forever be grateful and welcomes the chance to collaborate with the MHS in the future.

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2014 Greater Boston on WGBH /Open Studios with Jared Bowen

Jared Bowen, host of Open Studios with Jared Bowen visits Fenway Studios artists Kayla Mohammadi, Mary Hughes and Ed Stitt to learn more about this national historic landmark, the important artists of the past as well to learn how contemporary artists are continuing the legacy set forth when this building was constructed in 1905.
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2013 The Fenway Alliance

Join Jeff Speck, city planner, architectural designer, and author of Walkable City, on a tour of the Fenway Cultural District.
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2012 Fenway Studios

A look into Boston’s historic Fenway Studios, the oldest artist built and maintained studio in the country. Interviews with two artists who live and work at Fenway Studios explore the benefits and challenges of keeping this local treasure alive.
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2004 Fenway Studios Past + Present

In this 2004 video, Chronicle’s Mary Richardson interviews artists and the then President of Friends of Fenway Studios to explore the range and character of their work and the building. Included are many works by influential artists and member of ‘The Boston School’.

Featuring Fenway artists Polly Thayer, David Lowry and Teri Malo. Also featuring Marcia Vose of the Vose Gallery (and former president of Friends of Fenway Studios).
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